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Technical characteristics

The Cofrentes Nuclear Power Plant (Cofrentes NPP) is equipped with a Boiling Water Reactor (BWR/6), manufactured by General Electric, with a brute electrical power of 1,092.02 MW.

The Boiling Water Reactor is of the direct cycle sort, i.e., there is a single fluid or primary coolant that vaporizes in the reactor or nuclear furnace.

Cofrentes NPP is a second generation, and is the only plant using boiling water technology in Spain, since the rest use pressurized water reactors.

Main Technical Characteristics and Key Facts

  • Reactor type: BWR/6
  • Thermal power (MWt): 3237
  • Electrical power (MWe): 1092
  • NSSS Supplier: General Electric
  • No. of cooling loops: 2
  • Fuel: UO2
  • No. of fuel elements: 624
  • Uranium Weight: 110 t
  • No. of control rods: 145
  • Operational cycles: 24 months
  • Cooling system: The Jucar River/Natural draft towers
  • No. of turbine units: 3
  • Voltage at the alternator terminals: 20 kV
  • Location: Cofrentes (Valencia)
  • Building permit: 9 September 1975
  • 1st criticality: 23 August 1984
  • 1st coupling: 14 October 1984
  • Commercial operation: 11 March 1985
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