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What are cookies

Cookies are small files and devices that are installed in the user's browser in order to upload, retrieve or update data. They allow the responsible of the website know the preferences of users when they browse by the website and personalize offered services based in those preferences.

In we use own and third-party cookies that allow us analyses the use and measurement to ensure that our website works correctly and to improve our services.

The third party cookies that we use in IBERDROLA GENERACIÓN NUCLEAR, S.A., Sociedad Unipersonal to obtain information of the visits, measuring and analyze web browsing and personalize some services, are property of Webtrends. IBERDROLA GENERACIÓN NUCLEAR, S.A., Sociedad Unipersonal is the only one that has access to the data that Webtrends collects, and they are not transfer to any third party.

Types of cookies

Depending on their purpose, cookies can be:
Technical Cookies: there are necessary for browse. Without them the site would not work properly (cookies of "user entrance" for online shopping, multimedia player session, etc.).
Personalization or configuration Cookies: they allow the site recognize the user's language, the letter size, etc.
Safety Cookies: they prevent attacks against the website or its users.
Analytical Cookies: they measure the activity of the user’s and prepare statistics of the browse.
Advertising Cookies: they manage the frequency and content of the advertisements.
Behavioral advertising cookies: they upload information about users to show them personalized advertisements.

Control the use of cookies

If you want to delete cookies that are already installed in your computer, you can use your browser. You can do it selecting the help menu of your browser and there you can find the steps to remove them. For more information:

Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome


Cookies that we use

There are different types of cookies on our website and we use them for different purposes. The different cookies that we use are the followings:

Own cookies

JSESSIONID: Cookie that identify the user session. It lasts 3000 milliseconds.

leyAnticookies: It will generate for all users who accepts IBERDROLA GENERACIÓN NUCLEAR, S.A., Sociedad Unipersonal´s cookies policy. It lasts 1 year.

NS_wcofrnts: It helps to increase server´s capacity in the web. Once logged out, the cookies disappear.

Third party cookies


WEBTRENDS_ID: Saves the IP. It lasts for 1 year.

WT_FPC_IB: Saves the IP ‚Äč‚Äčassociated to some values to see user’s behavior, as the time of visit of the website and the date of his last visit. It lasts for 10 years.

English translation

The information and documentation available on this web site in English is provided for informational purposes only. In the event of a discrepancy between the content of the English version and the original Spanish version the latter shall prevail.