Building layout

The buildings that make up the plant are, practically, within the exclusion area, a circle with a radius of 750 m with the reactor as the centre point, and can be grouped for the sake of description, into three primary zones:

  • Main buildings zone.
  • Cooling services and liquid management zones.
  • 400kV outdoor station.

The water intake and effluent liquid discharge structures, meteorological station and the public information centre are somewhat far from the solid residue storage and the gas discharge chimney in normal operation and are outside the exclusion area.

The building block is formed by the north-south alignment of the principal buildings: turbine, auxiliary, reactor and fuel, which are flanked to the east by auxiliary boilers, heaters, diesel and radioactive waste treatment, and to the west by services and the electrical building. Separated further from the above block towards the southeast, albeit still attached, are the workshops/warehouse, administration buildings and cafeterias. Personnel access points, office buildings and the clinic are located further southwest.

The structures of water intake and discharge of liquid effluents, the secondary meteorological station and the information center to the public are outside the exclusion site or area.


In 2020 the construction of the Individualized Temporary Storage Facility (Almacén Temporal Individualizado, ATI), which aims to optimize the management of spent fuel, was finished. It is expected to be operational in 2021.

Building layout at Cofrentes nuclear power plant