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The Cofrentes nuclear power plant (Cofrentes NPP) has given safety absolute priority when running the facilities, deeming that a culture based on safety is most valuable asset of each person that belongs to the team.

Since the beginning of its operation, CN Cofrentes has been the main socio-economic engine of the Requena-Almansa axis, including all the towns of the Ayora-Cofrentes Valley, generating stable and quality employment.
Currently, around 1,000 people work directly in the facility, and it is estimated that around another 1,000 jobs are indirectly generated.
Additionally, in periods of refueling, around 1,200 people are hired for the correct performance of the different jobs.

The men and women on the team in charge of running Cofrentes NPP rely on their broad and in-depth training, which fully guarantees safety when carrying out their tasks. These people are professionals committed to ensuring at all times the correct plant operation under the best conditions of quality and safety.

Nuestro Equipo - Central nuclear Cofrentes

In order to guarantee correct plant management, particular importance has been stressed on continuous vocational training and on long-term instruction for all personnel, including the staff of contracted companies, from whom a high level of qualification is required.

A key area is the training of control room operators, who are individuals licensed by the Spanish Nuclear Regulator (CSN) after three years of specific training where they gain theoretical knowledge relating on technological foundations, operating procedures, emergency documentation, regulations, etc., as well as practical knowledge in a full scope simulator and the actual station. After this period and passing a regulatory exam, both theoretical and practical in the simulator and plant, these individuals obtain their license. To maintain their qualification, licensed personnel need to undergo a mandatory refresher training program.

As for non-licensed personnel, technicians, specialists and support staff in charge of other services, they are highly qualified in their area of expertise and also attend technical courses, both induction and refresher training, with the aim to maintain and expand their knowledge in general topics and within their field.

The station carries out total or partial drills periodically with the aim to train personnel on the application of emergency procedures and guidelines. Drills are supervised by the CSN.

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