Location and access

Find out where we are and how to get to Cofrentes nuclear power plant.


Cofrentes NPP is 2 km from the town of Cofrentes, from which it gets its name, in the Spanish province of Valencia. The coordinates of the site are 39º 12′ 14″ N and 01º 00′ 03″ W from the Greenwich meridian.

The plant is located near the tail end of the Embarcaderos reservoir, on the right flank of the Jucar River, very close to its confluence with the Cabriel River.

The plant’s buildings sit on a plain some 47 metres above the average height of the waters of the Jucar (372 metres above sea level). The total surface of the plain, including the “exclusion zone”, amounts to 300 Ha.


The nearest towns are Cofrentes (to the North) and Jalance (to the South), both along National A-road 330, which passes the reactor building from a distance of 1 km, connecting the A-3, highway, Madrid-Valencia, at Requena, and A-31 in the south, Madrid-Alicante, at Almansa. The city of Valencia is at 110 km by highway.