The valley where Cofrentes nuclear power plant sits is a well-known tourist destination with many attractions for an unforgettable getaway.


To the southwest of the province of Valencia, bordering with the neighbouring Albacete, is a strip of fertile lands that drink from the Jucar, Cautaban and Reconque Rivers. A series of towns at the banks of these rivers are united both under the territory and by history. Cofrentes* -at the confluence of the Jucar and Cabriel Rivers- acts as the entrance point to the Valley from the North, neighbouring with the towns of Jalance*Jarafuel*, Teresa de Cofrentes*Zarra* and Ayora*.

Entorno central nuclear Cofrentes: municipio de Cofrentes

The abundance of rivers that cross through these lands carve out a relief of ravines, mountains and valley, with Mediterranean vegetation abundant in pine forests accompanied by rosemary, thyme, rockrose, retama shrubs and esparto. In other zones, the forest alternates with junipers, oaks and arbutus.

In the lowlands farmers cultivate cereals, olives, vineyards and especially fruit trees, peaches in particular for their renowned quality.


The wide valley where the towns sit are marked off to the west by the Boqueron, Palomera and Mugron mountain ranges, and to the east by the colossal Muela de Cortes de Pallás* and the Caroig. These mountains are the natural habitat of animals such as hares, wild boars, mouflons, Spanish goats, very difficult to contemplate at these latitudes. The red-legged partridge, strix owls and golden eagles are at home in the particular fauna of this Mediterranean forest. The clean waters of the rivers that bathe the territory are home to carp, barbels, pike, trout and crayfish.

Places and activities of interest

River cruise

We can navigate the river Jucar coursing through the natural reserve of the Muela de Cortes de Pallas. It is a River Cruise* that can admire beautiful landscapes such as the “Jucar’s Gorges” and enjoy a full immersion in nature.

Entorno Central Nuclear Cofrentes: ruta fluvial por el Júcar

Spa Hervideros

Four kilometers from Cofrentes, the CV-439, we found the Spa Hervideros*, nestled between mountains and a unique natural environment, a summer resort of the Valencian bourgeoisie and aristocracy in the nineteenth century and now become one of the most important spas in Spain.

Its waters are recommended for digestive disorders, rheumatic and circulatory and respiratory systems.

In addition, the Resort has golf Pitch & Putt consisting of nine holes. It’s highly recommended for short game practice.

Alrededores central nuclear Cofrentes: Balneario de Hervideros

Cave of Don Juan

In the vicinity of the town of Jalance we find the Cave of Don Juan*. It’s one of the most important of the province of Valencia and it has a beautiful monumental. It has electric lights inside and is open to the public on weekends and holidays.

It has more than 400 meters long, with large rooms with stalactites and stalagmites, and, while there aren’t cave paintings, archaeological remains were founded in the hall that have allowed to assume an occupation of the cave during the Mesolithic and Bronze Age in Valencia.

Entorno central nuclear Cofrentes: Cueva Don Juan

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