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This is the nuclear power plant with the highest electrical power installed in Spain

Cofrentes nuclear power plant, Iberdrola Generación Nuclear S.A. property, is the largest electrical power installation among Spain’s nuclear plants, counting on 1,092 megawatts (MW).

Since 1984, the Cofrentes nuclear power plant (Cofrentes NPP) has stood some 2 kilometers from the town of Cofrentes in the Spanish province of Valencia. This electricity generating installation is rigorously committed to producing energy that respects the environment and competing on the basis of the principles of safety, quality, professional integrity and technological innovation.

In 2020, Cofrentes nuclear power plant generated 9,247 million kilowatt hours (kWh), equivalent to 3,7 % of Spain’s national electrical production.

This plant, together with the rest of the nuclear facilities, contributes decisively in the fight against climate change, no longer generating CO2. More specifically, Cofrentes nuclear power plant helps prevent an annual emission into the atmosphere of 5 million tons of CO2.

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The Power Station

Central nuclear Cofrentes

Cofrentes NPP possesses a brute electrical power of 1,092.02 MW, and is equipped with a BWR (boiling water reactor), manufactured by General Electric.
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In figures

En cifras - contribución a los mercados 2020

Throughout 2020, Cofrentes NPP generated 9,247 million kWh, which represents more than 3.7 % of the national energy production and 34 % of the energy consumed in the Valencian Community.
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The Cofrentes nuclear power plant (Cofrentes NPP) is equipped with a Boiling Water Reactor (BWR/6), manufactured by General Electric, with a brute electrical power of 1,092.02 MW.
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The buildings that make up the plant are, practically, within the exclusion area, a circle with a radius of 750 m with the reactor as the centre point, into three primary zones.
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Nuestro Equipo - Central nuclear Cofrentes

La cultura de la seguridad es el patrimonio más valioso de cada una de las personas que forman parte de nuestro equipo humano, compuesto en 2020 por cerca de 700 personas.
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En CN Cofrentes apoyamos firmemente la consecución de los ODS y todos, como trabajadores, contribuimos a ello diariamente con nuestras actividades.
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