Radiation protection

To enable a continuous plant surveillance, Cofrentes NPP has implemented criteria and rules necessary to adapt technological advances to environmental and ecological requirements, thereby guaranteeing no installation impact on the environment.

Environmental radiological monitoring programme (ERMP)

The Environmental Radiological Monitoring Programme (ERMP) aims to discover and control the impact that, from a radiological point of view, the operation of the Plant may have on its surroundings.

EThe ERMP is always carried out under the supervision of the Nuclear Safety Council (CSN), and along with the participation of the Valencian autonomous government in exercising its assigned powers to this effect.

The map shows the location of the sampling points, as well as the type of samples taken as established under the ERMP of the Cofrentes Nuclear Power Plant, approved by the CSN.

ERMP for nuclear plants usually require a drawing of approximately 1,500 samples and some 2,000 tests each year.

The results of the 31 ERMP campaigns undertaken since the Plant’s start-up, compared with the results of the 9 preoperational campaigns, conclude that there is no radiological impact around the Plant, thus striking out the issue of radiological impact on the surrounding environment.

Radiation protection map Cofrentes nuclear power plant

In 2020 alone, the 1.152 samples taken were subject to 1.654 tests, which objectively demonstrate that the ecosystem’s radiological readings have not undergone variations with respect to the base radiological values existing before the Plant went into service.

Radiation protection at Cofrentes Nuclear Power Plant