We generate energy that is environmentally friendly, safe and clean 

The Cofrentes nuclear power plant, 100% owned by Iberdrola Generación Nuclear S.A., must govern its actions in the scope of nuclear safety and residue treatment pursuant to the Environmental Management System and the commitments and principles laid out in the various Corporate Policies of the Group.

These principles and commitments concerning possible incidences at a power plant affecting the environment have been established based on experience obtained by numerous studies conducted in a various countries and the continuous observation of exploitation in operating plants.

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The main lines of action established by Iberdrola’s Environmental Policy in terms of nuclear safety are:

  • Giving safety priority over any other aspect -economic, productive or program fulfillment-.
  • Applying the most rigorous and prudent criteria following the decisions of Nuclear Safety Committees when conflicts as to interpretation or interests arise.

Implanting a series of indicators based on the best international practices and allotting the necessary resources for fulfilling the most demanding objectives in relation to these:

  • Maintaining a long-term vision.
  • Providing personnel with training.
  • Applying approved procedures to operations.
  • Promoting the exemplary conduct of personnel.
  • Sharing operating experience on both a national and international platform.
  • Developing organizational learning and innovation.

Thus, Iberdrola’s Environmental Policy also defines the Basic Principles for Action in Nuclear Waste Treatment, which encompass the commitment to manage all waste following origin minimization criteria, reutilization, recycling and, when not possible, controlled elimination of the waste; selecting the alternative with the least environmental impact.

Annual Environmental Report

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Our mission is to generate electrical power in a safe, reliable and envionmentally friendly manner. Check our annual environmental reports.
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Quality and environment certificates

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El respeto y la protección ambiental figuran entre los factores estratégicos seleccionados para todas nuestras instalaciones de producción. Además, la calidad es un factor clave tanto para la seguridad como para la gestión orientada a la excelencia empresarial.
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The power station and water

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All electrical power stations that utilize steam turbines, whether powered by fossil or nuclear fuels, need to draw from a water source as a coolant to produce steam condensation that, by expanding in the turbine, moves the generator and produces electrical energy.
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The power station and air

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The plant could possibly affect the atmosphere due to the emission of water vapour from the cooling towers and the emission of gaseous radioactive effluents produced during the operation.
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Radiation protection

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To enable a continuous plant surveillance, Cofrentes NPP has implemented criteria and rules necessary to adapt technological advances to environmental and ecological requirements, thereby guaranteeing no installation impact on the environment.
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