In figures

Throughout 2021, Cofrentes NPP generated 8.389 million kWh, which represents more than 3,5 % of the national energy production and 34 % of the energy consumed in the Valencian Community and around 50% of the energy produced energy of our Autonomous Community.

The plant has been operating with generator coupled to the energy grid for the 7,886 hours.

The annual production attained by Cofrentes NPP is capable of providing virtually all of the domestic energy consumed by the 2 million households.

Environmentally speaking, the benefits of operation are equally significant, avoiding the emission of approximately 5 million tons of CO2.

Market Contribution

The following graphs represent Cofrentes nuclear power plant’s contribution to energy production of both Spain and its Autonomous Community of Valencia, likewise comparing these contributions with other types of energy production, namely electric, thermal classic and hydraulic.

Spain’s energy production in 2021, when taking into account all possible sources, amounted to 259,850 GWh, of which Cofrentes nuclear power plant’s contribution to electrical energy production makes up 3.2% (8,389 GWh).

The energy production of the Cofrentes nuclear power plant (8,389 GWh) was 15.5% of the total nuclear energy produced in Spain (54,040 GWh), in 2021.The whole of Spanish nuclear power plants sums up at 20.8% of total electricity produced.

(*) Source: Data 2021 (REE).

Cofrentes NPP in the Autonomous Community of Valencia

Cofrentes NPP continues to be the main power generation facility in the Valencia Region, where in 2021 it accounted for 49.9 % of all energy generated, being the main source of electricity in this market to which it annually supplies about a third of all its power.

In the Autonomous Community of Valencia, between 26,000 and 27,000 Million kWh are demanded annually.

Annual production

Data 2021

The following chart shows the evolution of the production of the Cofrentes NPP throughout the year 2021.

Accumulated annual production

The following historical chart displays Cofrentes NPP’s electrical production throughout the last 28 years of operation. Since its start-up in 1984 until 31 December 2021, the Plant has accumulated production of 297,685 million kWh.