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We're open to provide information to society

The Information Centre at Cofrentes nuclear power plant opened to the public in 1978, well before the facilities were up and running, with a clear objective to provide information to the community, regarding both construction and the operational characteristics of the plant. Throughout more than three decades providing public information services, we have received more than 307.383 visitors, the majority student groups, followed by various types of associations, company groups and individuals.

A viewing room and two scale-model display rooms assist the visitor in understanding all the factors involved in running a nuclear power plant.

* Videos in Spanish.

Visit request

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We invite you to come along and get to know us in person. Get inspired by the images of visits that have already been made and sign up for the next one.
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Get to know us better by downloading our most outsanding publications about the power plant and our strategies and principles of action.
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Location and access

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Find out where we are and how to get to Cofrentes nuclear power plant: check our location and access.
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The valley where Cofrentes nuclear power plant sits offers many attractions such as the Cave of Don Juan. Come to discover them.
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