The Power Station

NPP management Cofrentes is run in adherence to the principle of action and the commitments set out in the Corporate Policies approved by Iberdrola’s Board of Directors. Along these lines, management is based on four essential factors:

  • To keep Cofrentes NPP under perfect safety conditions with the most advanced technology.
  • To provide training and prevent occupational risks for employees and suppliers.
  • Develop operating policies designed to build upon both our own and outside experience as a fundamental task in managing the Plant.
  • Inform with transparency and thoroughness as to matters concerning the Plant when addressing the media, public opinion and interest groups.
Central nuclear de Cofrentes

Cofrentes NPP possesses a brute electrical power of 1,092.02 MW, and is equipped with a BWR (boiling water reactor), manufactured by General Electric.

Our history

In this section, we have outlined a timeline marking the most important milestones in the history of Cofrentes NPP from its beginnings in 1972 to the present day.

  • Timeline-2021-Central-Nuclear-Cofrentes

    The organization shall renew its operating license.

  • Timeline-2020-Central-Nuclear-Cofrentes

    On March 31, 2020, C.N. Cofrentes formally requested the renewal of its operating authorization. Upon the granting of these Operating Permits, and in each one of the aforementioned extensions, a series of Plant operation limits and conditions were established, making these authorizations one of the most important.

  • Timeline-2011-central nuclear-cofrentes

    Ten years extension to the Provisional Operating Permit (POP) was granted.

Our beginnings