Learn more about the technical terms used in the industry and necessary to understand how energy is generated in a nuclear power plant.

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Fission product
Stable or unstable nuclide which is a member of a fission chain. If can be a fission fragment or one of its descendants.

Free access area
In a nuclear or radioactive facility, an area where it is very unlikely that 1/10 of the annual dose limits established for exposed workers will be exceeded and, therefore, is not subjected to regulations for radiological protection reasons.

Fuel element
Arrangement consisting of various fuel bars (rods) located in an armature with frames and ready to be inserted directly into the core of a nuclear reactor.

Fuel pellet
Small, cylindrical portion of ceramic nuclear fuel. It is usually 1 centimetre high. It is obtained by pressing and treating oxide dust of fissionable material at high temperature.

Fuel rod
Nuclear fuel in the form of a rod consisting of fuel pellets contained in a metal tube.