Learn more about the technical terms used in the industry and necessary to understand how energy is generated in a nuclear power plant.

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Technological safeguard
Each of the systems used at a nuclear or radioactive site to prevent accidents or mitigate their consequences.

Temporary/final waste storage
Action involving keeping radioactive waste at sites designed specifically for that purpose. There are temporary storage sites, i.e., locations that enable storage for the period of time needed for the activity of the radioactive waste they contain to fall to pre-established values; temporary storage sites are designed to allow surveillance of the location and recovery of the waste they contain. There are also final storage sites, locations which are determined to be secure enough to hold radioactive waste which is not intended to be recovered.

Thermal neutron
A neutron which is approximately in a situation of thermal equilibrium with the medium in which it moves. This usually corresponds to an energy of 0.025 electron-volt for a temperature of 25 °C.

Thermal power
In a nuclear reactor, the power generated as a result of the fission reactions that take place within and released directly or indirectly as heat.

Luminiscence that takes place when a substance is heated moderately.

Tissue weighting factor
Factor that the equivalent dose received by the various organs and tissues of the organism needs to be multiplied by in order to obtain the effective dose for the entire human body.

Total exposure
The sum of internal and external exposures.

Emergency reactor shutdown imposed by the operation of one of its safety systems.