Learn more about the technical terms used in the industry and necessary to understand how energy is generated in a nuclear power plant.

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Ongoing exposure
Extended external exposure whose rate, however, can vary over time, or the internal exposure resulting from a permanent intake whose intensity varies over time.

Person authorised by the Spanish Nuclear Safety Council to handle the control devices of a nuclear or radioactive site or to handle the radioactive devices or materials.

Situation where the dose limits are exceeded; when a dosimetric reading higher than the dose limits is obtained, i.e., in the event of a possible overdose, the Spanish Nuclear Safety Council requires the carrying out of special medical checks and conducts an investigation to establish whether the dose was actually received by the person using the dosimeter or only by the device. If the results of the investigation are positive, they are reflected in the case and dosimetry histories and on the worker's radiological card.

Owner/responsible operator
In the Nuclear and Radioactive Site Regulations, an individual or legal entity responsible for the site's operation, and who appears as the owner in the relevant authorisations.