WANO Peer Review, an international review of the main areas of the power plant, begins

From 6 to 24 March, the Cofrentes nuclear power plant will undergo what the World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO) calls Peer Review.

The Peer Review involves a group of international experts, selected by WANO, who review the organisation and practices of the plant’s activities.

The Peer Review is entirely voluntary. It is requested by the plants themselves and is an in-depth review of different areas of the plant against the most rigorous standards of international excellence carried out by technical experts from nuclear power plants around the world, called Peers (reviewers), who carry out a direct observation of the activities carried out by the plant in the area of their speciality.

In the process, there is an exchange of experiences from expert to expert (between evaluator and evaluated) and the knowledge and performance of the personnel, the condition of systems and equipment, the quality of programmes and procedures, and the effectiveness of their management are assessed.

The World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO) was created in 1986, with headquarters in Atlanta, Moscow, Tokyo, London and Paris, with the mission of maximising the safety and reliability of the operation of nuclear power plants around the world.
For the Cofrentes nuclear power plant, this is the fifth Peer Review conducted by WANO and it is once again an excellent opportunity to maintain the plant at the highest international standards.